How to become an SAP FICO consultant

In this article, we will go through the basic steps which will help you prepare to become a SAP FICO consultant. Topics include gaining university background, training, self-study, certification and inspiring careers stories.

In this article, we will go through basic steps which will help you prepare to become an SAP FICO consultant.

SAP FICO is an abbreviation of two SAP modules FI and CO. Obviously, having knowledge of these two modules is essential, but since these modules are interconnected with other modules, you will have to have at least overview of the other modules as well. You will work hard in order to become a consultant when you are fresher, it does not apply only to FICO consultants.

Educational background

First, you will need to gain an appropriate university education, it will be very difficult to become a consultant without it. Getting a bachelor's or a master's degree from a prestigious college or university should be your first step. If you have not studied in a prestigious university, like 95% of us, just keep in your mind to do your best during studies. Select relevant classes such as financial and management accounting, management, etc. and be active - write your own blog, publish articles, and become active on SCN even while getting your degree.

Official Training & Certification

Official SAP training is very expensive but it will make your CV more impressive and improve its chance of standing out among other candidates. Another way is to learn about SAP is borrow the material and go through the training by yourself using SCN and the self-study links provided above. The following is list of important areas of training relevant for FI/CO consultants offered by SAP:

After finishing TERP10 you will have a general idea of SAP ERP and its business processes. In order to become SAP FICO professional, you will need years of hands-on experience.

SAP courses TFIN50, TFIN52, TERP21, TFIN20, and TFIN22 will help you to master your SAP FICO knowledge. Hopefully you will work for a company which will choose to invest in your training.

Self Study

The following list of educational material will help supplement official training. There are many sources of material available online. Choose material that will advance your SAP FICO knowledge.
Supplemental training materials:


SCN is an SAP Community Network where you can find valuable educational material, discussions on relevant SAP topics, its modules and technologies. Be active in SCN and build your reputation in the community this will help you to get SAP FICO position offers and recognition.

Further Reading - Successful Stories from SCN

SCN is not only a source of great materials and technical guides it is also a source of inspiring stories that can move you to the next level. This is a list of help articles:

Good luck on your journey of becoming SAP FI/CO consultant!

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