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Hi my name is Romolo, I have been doing SAP FICO for more than 4 years and I am very knowledgeable in the FI integration to other modules as well. I was a SAP FICO analyst before for 3 years in Accenture and I I have done implentations and im very familiar with the SAP business process/integration. I am currently working for AIG now as a Test Specialist for more than a year for SAP FI GL


Accenture Inc. PH

 [October 2011- January 2012]

Countries involved - APAC (Asia Pacific)

           Role: Functional FICO Tester (Roles & Authorization Testing) - testing the authorization of the scoped companies that they must not be able to access other company data. Testing also the roles of specific employees that must only allow them to access specific transactions/activities. We are also responsible for creating our own test data and know its purpose. Positive and Negative testing is also done.



[January 2012 - April 2012]

Countries involved - AM, LATAM (Americas and Latin Americas)

           Role: Functional FICO Builder and Tester (Configuration and Functional Tester) - Configures the system based on the given document by the designer and does functional testing. Functional Testing is done to make sure that the requirement is met and properly implemented. We are also responsible for creating our own test data and script. Positive and Negative testing is also done.


[April 2012 - November 2014]

Countries involved - EU, AM, LATAM (Europe, Americas and Latin Americas)

Role: Functional Analyst/Designer/Builder/Tester for SAP Finance - Controlling - A functional designer gathers data/requirements from the client and analyzes the impact of the enhancement in the system. A functional analyst implements, tests and deploys the enhancement to the business based on the requirements given. A functional analyst also performs various functional testing, including positive, negative, regression testing, User Acceptance Test, Product Testing and Authorization testing. We are responsible for creating our own test data, scenario (based on the enhancement done) and test scripts. A functional analyst must be able to perform any tasks related to finance-controlling and must be able to work with other modules (SD, MM, Interface, ABAP, Authorization etc.).


· Project Implementation - Functional Designer/Builder/Tester

Specifics: PADBTD role (Plan, Analyze, Design, Build, Test & Deploy)

• Has been involved in 40+ enhancements/projects on the current Team/project.

                 • Programs used: SAP, HPQC, Remedy, Citrix


Additional Roles in the project

· ISMS(Information security management system) / BCM (Business Continuity Management) Project Representative for Cebu Team

· Asset Custodian for the Cebu team.

· Boot camp Instructor/facilitator - Creating a functional Design Document 

American International Group INC. (AIG Shared Services)

[November 2014 - Present]

Company: American International Group Inc.

Role: Test Specialist for SAP Finance - General Ledger:

A Test Specialist ensures the changes are complete and working properly before signing off and sending it to UAT. A test specialist also creates multiple scenarios that will test different and possible angles of the change. A SAP Finance Test specialist should also be able to identify the possible impact of the change in order to create valid test scenarios. He should also be 

knowledgeable with the end to end SAP Finance process/transaction.


· Project Testing - Tester

Specifics: Creates and executes test scenarios. Responsible for all the changes that are sent to UAT.

                 • Programs used: SAP, HPQC, HP ALM





· FI (AP,  AR, GL,  AA, Bank Accounting)

· CO (Cost Element, Cost Center, Internal Order, Product Costing, Profitability Analysis, Profit Center Accounting)

· Advance Asset Accounting


Manila , Philippines

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