Victor Sotar

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I was introduced into the SAP FI CO due to my former interest about computers/technology/ERP systems and other related ways as a method to apply all my previous knowledges and education background based on accountancy, economy and business development as for a tool. In the meantime I have tried to educate myself further onto this system and amplify my knowledge on how to use and perform functions within in order to reach a whole competency and long term work ability to follow up a whole accountancy process based on the SAP FI CO modules as well as to understand the structure or architecture of the same. On this direction it was a first important point to understand the structure of all the basic accounts and procedures related with the main GL account procedures as well as with the Financial and Controlling modules. Then into this I have exposed myself as a goal from the current knowledge which I have found out to develop myself further as from a regular SAP User to a more experienced and trained one, as well as to discover furtherly other additional modules which can be as well useful for my future career endevours.


SAP FI/CO Related Skills

Experience in SAP FI and CO modules (usually at least 2 - 5 years) - General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cost and Profit Center Accounting (CPA) and Internal Orders Configuration of SAP FI, CO modules

Configured Financial Accounting Global settings: Key settings being Company Code, Business Areas, Fiscal Year Variant, Document Types, and Document No. Ranges, Validations, Tax on Sales and Purchases.

Configured Extended Withholding Tax Settings.

G/L: Masters, and in business transactions-open item clearing, integration, Validations, etc.

Transactions – Incoming Invoices/Credit Memos (terms of payment), Outgoing Payment, Incoming Payment, Dunning, Open item Clearing,

Down-payment received, Down-payment made, Bill of Exchange

Special G/L accounts (other reconciliation accounts).

Configuration of Interest CalculationBank Accounting: House Banks. Transactions- Check Deposit, Payment Transactions (Manual Bank Statement)


Tarragona, Spain

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